happy easter!

happy easter!

it is not often that all christian churches celebrate easter in the same time.
we do not care much about christian dogma, but we do appreciate tradition
and find decorating easter eggs awfully fun family activity.
here is a simple and wonderful recipe from sanja’s great-grandma,
that we use to prepare our eggs, 11th year in the row:
get a dozen or more eggs. we use free range or organic, brown.
on good friday, have a nice family walk and collect a little bag
of various small flowers, weeds, leaves and grass.
weeds work the best (it always does 😉
in the local vegetable store, get as much as you can of the onion skins
– this is the only colouring ingredient. we used to get suspicious looks before,
but last friday the cashier didn’t even wait for my explanation,
he just said, "i know, easter stuff".
find an old t-shirt or any old thin fabric and cut into 4×4” (10x10cm) pieces.
dip the egg into the water, and/or wet the leaves
or small flowers and arrange them around the egg.
they should stick to the egg good and long enough
for you to wrap the piece of fabric all around the egg.
tighten it with a simple thread. you do not need to tie it,
just go around the egg 5 or 6 times.
the tighter the fabric is pressed around the egg, the better the imprint will be.
carefully put the eggs and onion skins in the big pot
and add water just to cover it.
cook for an hour or so, wait until cools down and,
here we go – unwrap your pieces of art.

hristos voskrese – happy easter.

all photos taken last friday with sony alpha a-100. see it large.

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