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J & K Flood Relief Operation by the Indian Armed Forces (20)

J & K Flood Relief Operation by the Indian Armed Forces (20)

As on 16 Sep 2014
Over 2,37,000 persons have been rescued so far by the Armed Forces and NDRF from different parts of Jammu & Kashmir in the ongoing rescue and relief operations in the flood ravaged State. Three teams of Naval Marine Commandos are actively involved in rescue operations at Watlab, Widipura & Tankpura.

As the flood water has started receding the apprehension for water-borne diseases is rising. Now demand for filtered water has increased. Twenty RO plants with a capacity to filter 4 lakhs litre per day from Hyderabad and four RO plants from Delhi with a capacity to filter 1 lakh litre per day have already been airlifted to Srinagar. Thirteen tonnes of water purifying tablets and six water filtration plants with a capacity to filter 1.2 lakh bottles per day was sent earlier to Srinagar. More heavy duty suction pumps have also been transported from Jodhpur and Raipur to the valley.

33,000 blankets were airlifted to the flood-affected area, yesterday, which were donated by Ministry of Textile and Government of Jharkhand and Punjab. Earlier 17,500 blankets and 2106 tents were provided to the flood victims. 80 medical teams of the Armed Forces Medical Services are already operating in full swing. Four Army Field Hospitals have been established in Avantipur, Pattan, Anantnag and Old Airfield where medical aid is being provided to the ailing people. Till now they have treated around 75,254 patients. Two additional fully equipped field hospitals with laboratory testing equipment facility have also been established in Srinagar. One rapid action medical team from Air Force has been deployed at Avantipur and Srinagar. This team has provided medical aid to 2,684 patients. More relief materials including 17,200 blankets from Ranchi and Delhi, 4000 litres of water from Pathankot and 120 tonnes food from Pathankot and Delhi are being airlifted.

Sixty-four transport aircraft and helicopters of Indian Air Force and Army Aviation Corps are continuing their efforts in rescue and relief operations. Army has deployed around 30,000 troops for rescue and relief operations in the flood affected area. Over 6 lakh litres of water and over 1400 tonnes of food packets/cooked food and ration have already been distributed in the flood-affected areas.

So far 2633 sorties were undertaken by the helicopters and aircraft of Armed Forces and 3887 tonnes of relief materials have been dropped by the Indian Air Force. A total of 224 boats of Army and 148 NDRF’s inflatable boats are actively involved in the rescue operation.

Armed Forces have also established 19 relief camps in Srinagar and Jammu region. In Srinagar region, camps were established at BB Cantt, Avantipur, Old Airfield, Sumbal, Chattargam and Jijamata Mandir, where thousands of rescued people are being sheltered. They are also being provided with food and other basic amenities.

To restore the road connectivity, five task forces of Border Roads Organisation, which include 5700 personnel, have been deployed in Srinagar, Rajouri and Akhnoor. They have restored the road connectivity from Batote – Bijbiara, Batote – Anantnag, Batote – Kishtwar and Kishtwar – Sinthan Pass. The connectivity from Srinagar to Sonamarg has been opened for all traffic, while, between Srinagar and Baramulla the road has been opened for light vehicles. Jammu to Poonch road has been cleared for traffic. On the Jammu – Srinagar highway, BRO personnel have cleared the road up to KM 172 (Ramsu). The traffic along Srinagar – Gulmarg – Gumri has been restored. Srinagar to Baramulla train route has also been cleared.

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9/52 {Trinkets & Treasures}

9/52 {Trinkets & Treasures}

Disclaimer: Settle in folks, this one got a bit wordy…

Growing up my mother always wanted me to help her in the kitchen, which, I felt, was a gross and disgusting under use of my talents as a sullen teenager. She would ask me to do things. Grate this. Stir that around. I would run in the other direction as soon as she came to take the spoon from my hand. I still loved eating the food. I just was colossally uninterested in it’s preparation.

Early on in our relationship, Prince Charming he told me that he wanted a wife who did what his mom did. I told him that I did not go to college for 6 years to cook dinner and drive carpool.

Funny what love does to you. Or me, at least.

When he asked me to move in with him, I floated up, did a Thomas flair right into a triple axel salchow and stuck a perfect landing on Gloria Steinem, who very politely, told me to pull it together, be a man, and stop acting like such a freakin’ girl.

Love, man. It messes with your head.

The first night that his kitchen became mine I was desperate to impress him. Really show him that he hadn’t made a mistake in choosing me. I wanted him to know that I could create a comforting, delicious meal that warmed his insides and melted him into a gooey pile of little, velvet box.

I made Chicken Tortellini Soup. It came in a plastic pouch from the deli department at Safeway and was exactly like the soup I’d eaten in the dining hall in college.

"Are you sure you don’t want to stir it?" he asked, looking warily over my shoulder.

"No. It doesn’t say that on the package. It just needs to cook."

That was the night learned that If you can read, you can cook is only meant to sell cookbooks.

Our lovely first meal as a cohabitating couple burned. So so badly.

When my son was born I decided that I wanted him to have the same kind of wonderful, home cooked, from scratch type of meals that I grew up eating around my mother’s kitchen table. Food that made our house a home that he would grow up loving. Food that would make him one day look at his beloved wife and torture her with the same phrase that my beloved tortures me with now:

You know, my mom used to make….

So, I turned to the best chef I’ve ever known for help, and she was still in the kitchen, spoon in hand, right where I left her.

She’s become my mentor, my professor, my master, as I slowly, but ever so surely learn how to craft a pile of ingredients into a meal that my family asks for more of.

If nothing else, she taught me three things:

1.) The best ingredients make the best dishes. If it’s not good going in, it won’t be good coming out.
2.) Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference.
3.) Cooking can be a little of this and a little of that, but baking is an exact formula.

And one more that isn’t necessarily a rule, but has saved my runny cheese fondue, thickened my marsala, and made all of my sauces divine~

Rue…what it is and how to make it.

The more I cook, and read cookbooks, and watch cooking shows, the more I’ve come to appreciate the phenomenal effort that my mother made in cooking for us when we were kids. These old handwritten recipe cards are like a pathway back to my childhood. Back to my mother’s kitchen, when she and her grandmother stood making Christmas bread and pancakes and Thanksgiving turkey.

The loopy penmanship and scrawled ingredient lists are an immediate connection to those we’ve loved our whole lives and who we know loved us because they cooked for us.

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Fluffy Cookie Butter Pie

Fluffy Cookie Butter Pie

My culinary creation during the heat wave last week.
Fluffy Cookie Butter Pie

1 pkg Keebler Sandies (any flavor) cookies, crushed (1 tablespoon reserved)
4 tablespoons BUTTER, melted

Crush the cookies in a food processor or by hand. Add the the melted butter and stir until well incorporated. Press into a 9" pie pan and place in the freezer to set while making filling.

1 cup light cream cheese, room temp
1 cup cookie butter
1 cup light Cool Whip
1/4 cup powdered sugar
pinch of ground allspice

In a medium bowl, beat the cream cheese, cookie butter and powdered sugar with a hand mixer on high until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes. Fold in the Cool Whip until just incorporated (don’t over-mix, or the filling will lose its "fluff"). Pour filling into crust and spread evenly. Sprinkle allspice and reserved crushed cookies on top. Place pie in freezer for at least 1 hour to set.

Remove from freezer, let sit at room temp for 10 minutes before cutting.

You can find more of my recipes and those from other fabulous home cooks around the country at
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Strawberry Mascarpone Parfait

Strawberry Mascarpone Parfait

A Quick Parfait with zested mascarpone cream, chopped dark chocolate and nuts and liqueur drenched strawberries
Recipe in the blog

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delicious scrambled eggs with chanterelles and fresh dill, vertical

delicious scrambled eggs with chanterelles and fresh dill, vertical

delicious scrambled eggs with chanterelles and fresh dill, vertical, top view

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500 g de pomme de terre / 1 pound potatoes
2 bulbes de fenouil / 2 fennels
25 g de beurre / 0,05 pound butter
2 cuillères à soupe d’huile d’olive / 2 tablespoons olive oil
Sel, poivre / Salt, pepper

Réserver une feuille pour la présentation / Reserve a leaf for the presentation
Cuire 20 ‘ dans un auto-cuiseur les pommes de terre et les feuilles de fenouil / Cook 20’ in a pressure cooker the potatoes and the fennels
Écraser les légumes / Mash the vegetables
Ajoute du sel, du poivre, l’huile et le beurre / Add pepper, salt, oil and butter
Servir très chaud / Serve hot

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Pitmaster Ryan

Pitmaster Ryan

Queology Charleston Barbeque Team
32-C North Market Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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Live Oak BBQ Cajun Roast Duck, Gumbo, Grits & King Cake

Live Oak BBQ Cajun Roast Duck, Gumbo, Grits & King Cake

Last Saturday was Live Oak Barbecue’s Annual Samedi Gras Celebration – Cajun Pot Roast Duck, Crab & Tasso Gumbo, Baked Grits with Goat Cheese, and King Cake. ‘The Saturday Special’ from 3/1/14.
Cajun Pot Roast Duck – Farmed all-natural birds cut into serving pieces, seared in the Pit Boss’s massive cast iron dutch oven, caramelized onions, wine, aromatic vegetables, thyme, basil and Cajun spices; smoker-braised.
Crab & Tasso Gumbo – 18 hour Roux, lump Blue Crab meat, house made Tasso (cured pork shoulder, rubbed with spices including marjoram, allspice, Cayenne, and smoked), onions, celery, green chiles, vegetable stock, and Cajun spices. No filé or okra; we thicken & flavor by cooking it correctly.
Baked Grits with Goat Cheese – the name pretty much says it all. Made with Lamb’s Stone Ground Cornmeal, fresh Organic corn kernels, and crumbled Goat Cheese.
King Cake – the Mardi Gras dessert classic from the scratch bakery & ever-working ovens of Easy Tiger.
Live Oak Barbecue East Side Austin Texas

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