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Skinny Pesto Pizza Crostini…Great for a crowd! So easy that the kids can make these. 51 calories & 1 Weight Watcher PP | #recipe #appetizer #vegetarian

Skinny Pesto Pizza Crostini...Great for a crowd!  So easy that the kids can make these. 51 calories & 1 Weight Watcher PP | #recipe #appetizer #vegetarian

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Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book
for the Hostess and Host of tomorrow
Meredith Press
Revised Edition, Third Printing 1963
77 pages
Nice condiment. There are 2 pages that have some light stains on them.

Teaches measuring, terms, meal plans
Breads and Sandwiches
Candy and Cookies
Main Dishes
Salads and Vegetables

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Ruthie Mac (Recipe)

Ruthie Mac (Recipe)

Mac and cheese was my favorite food when I was a kid. It may still be. This recipe originated (in my life) with my grandma, and was known as "Grandma-Mac," mostly to differentiate it from its popular cousin "Kraft Mac." My dad makes a mean "Daddy-Mac," and ever since I’ve learned how to make it, it’s been "Ruthie-Mac" all the way.

To make 2 reasonable servings or one serving large enough to make yourself want to barf (my personal preference), cook 1 cup of dry macaroni noodles in salted boiling water on the stovetop until al dente.

In another saucepan, melt 1 tablespoon of butter, then whisk in 2 tablespoons of flour and let the mixture cook over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Add 3/4 cup milk. Heat the mixture until it just starts to simmer, then stir with a whisk to make sure flour and butter get properly mixed in with the milk. Within a minute or two of simmering, the white sauce will thicken. Remove the sauce from the heat and stir in 2/3 cup sharp cheddar cheese.

Mix the cooked noodles with the sauce, top with copious amounts of fresh ground black pepper, and eat in front of the TV, preferably watching Melrose Place.

This recipe scales well to feed a large groups. Make sure to undercook the pasta a little bit, because it will soften some more after you drain it, and you don’t want it to be all mushy.

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Ghost Cake with Flaming Eyes

Ghost Cake with Flaming Eyes

Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys & Girls, copyright 1975. Published by Golden Press, New York, and Western Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin.

I loved this cookbook! I made a lot of the recipes when I was a kid in the 1970s. The recipes are so creative and have great names. Fantastic photography throughout. It made food so much fun!

The best part about this cake was that you got to light his little sugar-cube eyes on fire!

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Slightly-More-Adult Birthday Cake

Slightly-More-Adult Birthday Cake

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday. We celebrated with a lazy morning, the girls cooking her French toast for breakfast, then a walk on the beach at West Island in Fairhaven. She requested a home-cooked meal of chicken tikka masala, which I cooked up along with some basmati rice, potatoes with cumin and mustard seed, fresh naan, and this strawberries-and-cream cake for dessert.

This started life as a fairly recent recipe from Cooks Illustrated, although I tweaked things a little bit. I ended up with layers of orange chiffon cake, with Grand Marnier-spiked strawberries and whipped cream. I had intended to use my white chocolate whipped cream recipe, but discovered too late that what I had mistaken for a white chocolate wrapper was really covering 100% cacao, so I stuck with the original recipe’s cream cheese-based whipped cream, albeit with a little more Grand Marnier. Pretty sure she liked it (and also that it was presented with only a single candle…) This kind of cake is a little more my speed, compared to what my kids usually request.

Took advantage of the late afternoon light in the back yard to get a few pictures in.

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Saffron 2

Saffron 2

Recipe Blogged:…

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Kindergarten salmon bento

Kindergarten salmon bento

Salmon butter yaki super-easy super-yummy recipe:

~Pan sear fillet in hot olive oil until brown, 2-3 minutes per side.
~Add 1T butter, cook til melted, then drizzle shoyu and remove from heat.

That’s it!

I had to quick snag a piece for 5-year-old’s lunch, with a tiny bit of grated ginger and green onion garnish for bite. Roasted asparagus and potatoes, cherry tomatoes for color. Fruit side has strawberry, plum, clementine and cinnamon apple.

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Pie Goo

Pie Goo

Diced chewy caramels topped the homemade apple pie filling in these mini Pop Tar-esque pastries. A few of the seals weren’t perfect – as you can see!

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Praetor et Custodis II

Praetor et Custodis II

Praetor et Custodis II

Theme: Airplanes – B.O.B., feat. Hayley Williams from Paramore

”It’s going to be a give and take relationship in camps and cities like this one." She glances back to the worn down office building. "What did you have in mind for making money?"

Ioh just grins with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. "What do you think of rodents?"

Amara grimaces. "A decent snack, but I perfer mine cooked, since ya never know what the things have been eating before ya got a hold of them. Why?"

Ioh nods, still not fully revealing, "Well, cooked. What do they taste like, in comparison?"

Amara frowns further. "They taste like rats, Ioh. Have a gamey taste to them. It’s like comparing wild duck to farm raised chicken. They are going to taste different depending on how the animal lived and ate."

Ioh hrms, then shrugs. "Well, all things considered, grill them up right, with enough spices and the like, they could make pretty good burgers, no?"

Amara does not want to say she dislikes what she is hearing, but the look of disapproval is painted all over her face. "Burgers. You want us to team up and make… burgers. Did you get into too much catnip all at once, Ioh?"

Ioh chuckles. "No. Not yet. Although, that would be a good addition to the special recipe." He seems to ponder it seriously for a moment then shrugs it aside for the moment. "But it would be a way to make money, and cover food as well."

Amara shakes her head. "So we’re going to open a food biz somewhere in this city? Do you know anything about cooking, Ioh?"

Ioh shrugs. "Well, need heat. Flames and coals of some sort for barbeque cooking. And then, well, need rats to cook."

Amara blinks. "We aren’t selling them in a store? Is it going to be street hocker food then? A good set of oil drums will be fine grills for cooking. I don’t think we want people to know they are rats though." She glances to the forest behind the walls of the city. "Some wood from fallen tree branches would make good flames. Old magazines too."

Ioh notices the blink of his good Councilor, but listens, taking the words in serious thought and consideration. "There aren’t many stores in the city, and I’m sure that the Black Market keeps a tight hold on such storage, as food in this city must be a tight commodity. But, " he grins, "we can still call them burgers and call the meat our ‘family secret’. People would certainly still want to try it, just for the fact that it’s something they can guess at. Not to mention more readily available, and at a competitive price to what the Market may sell."

Amara couldn’t think of a valid argument for that. "If they truly taste good, then people are likely to buy them whether they know where the meat comes from or not. Food and water are the top market items right now."

With another mischievous light of the eyes, Ioh chuckles and grins again. "Could even add in a human or two in the meat, if need be. I hear they are not too dissimilar from each other."

Amara rolls her eyes. "Freshly killed and grilled human with spices and tangy barbeque sauce. There has to be something wrong with that sales pitch."

Ioh shrugs. "Who said we’d tell any human that they’re eating human?" The way he said it, and both posture and shrug make it look like Ioh is seriously considering.

Amara sighs. "Best not. Those hunts will have to be under close guard, for rodents and humans alike. We can make different seasonings to suit tastes and whatnot, but if we’re catching humans they need to be ones no one will miss."

"I was only kidding. About the humans, anyways." Ioh winks, assuredly, even though he does keep the prospect of such hunts as a potential, as business in the city deems it necessary. "But yes, will need to keep watch on the hunts. Both for the sake of ours, and in consideration of theirs." He points to the tower. "I heard the Misfit I spoke with mention them having mousers themselves, so I don’t think they’d want to miss out on a hunt either."

Amara chuckles, not sounding like she believes him at all. "So Misfits and our pride going on hunts for mice. It’s kinda getting back to the basics don’t you think? A small population hunting and foraging."

Ioh shrugs, "Something like that. Just more concrete and asphalt. Our ‘tribe’ home is in this brick building, and theirs in that tall one." He hrms, then says whimsically, "Though only time will tell how well this sort of alliance may turn out." He shrugs and smiles, looking at Amara, "Friends or no, still a good idea to keep an eye on them."

"Yeah,"Amara agrees. "They are still doing what they gotta do for their family as we have to do for ours. The thought of how much trust is given to one who’s competing with you for resources is bound to come up."

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